Series TBD604BL6 diesel engines

Main features: good economy, improved combustion at low load due to use of “HALLO” technology (smooth fuel consumption curve, quite low consumption even at part load), good startability and speed-up performance, high reliability, low noise and long service life (first overhaul interval up to 24000h), convenient to service. Based on TBD604B diesel engines, TBD620 diesel engines are uprated, and the crankcase structure is more proper, more robust, less deformation and can bear high explosion pressure. The two types of engines have no special requirement on fuel and can meet the requirement of IMO Nox emission.



Model, four-stroke, water-cooling, in-line
 Number of cylinders 6
 Bore/stroke  170mm/195mm
Specific fuel consumption 192g/kW.h
 Output  373-637 kW
 Speed 1200-1800r/min


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