MTU Dual Fuel Gas Generator

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NIGM-165S Series Dual Fuel Engine have been widely used in Chinese oil field and the CNOOC platform.

NIGM-165S Series Dual Fuel Engine is originally of 396 series military engine of the Germany MTU company,and it develops on the basis of GTI Dual Fuel System of America Altronic Co. The global fuel alternative rate in theory is from 50% to 70%,and our products could reach to 65.4%-69% for different kinds of fuel.Our exhaust smoke reduces more than 70%. Single engine could save 324,6048RMB fuel cost,and it is the more environmentally friendly,energy-saving, low cost original power engine.Besides, it fully realizes 0 second switch for high speed engine smooth running when instant gas cut off.

Our products have been widely used in Chinese oil field and the CNOOC platform.

No Name NIGM-165RQV16 NIGM-165RQV8 NIGM-165RQV12
1 Engine Speed 1500 r/min 1500 r/min 1500 r/min
2 Engine Power 1260 kW 630 kW 630 kW
3 Power Output 1000kw 500kw 750kw
4 Overload Power 1100kw 550kw 825kw
5 Cylinders 16 8 12
6 Cylinder Arrangement 90°V type angel
7 Bore 165 mm
8 Stroke 185 mm
9 Cylinder Output 3.96 L
10 Total Displacement 63.36 L
11 Average Piston Speed 9.25 m/s
12 Compression Ratio 11:01
13 Average effective pressure 1.6 MPa
14 Gas consumption rate

(Gas Calorific value 8.5kWh/m3)

290-340 m3/h (At 1260kW)
15 Starting Motor 15kW/24VDC
16 Oil Consumption of Rated Power <1.5 g/ kW .h
17 Weight App.6400 kg
18 Overall Dimensions App.3350×1527×1750
19 Turbo Front exhaust temperature ≤630C
20 Total Displacement of Turbo Rear Single Cylinder ≤520°C
21 Firing Order A1-B5-A3-A5-B2-B8-A2-A8-B3-A7-B4-B6-A4-A6-B1-B7
22 Direction of Rotation (From the wheel end to see)counter-clockwise direction (Irreversible)
23 Spark plug electrode clearance 0.65~0.85mm
24 electrical efficiency (41.5+-2)%
25 combined efficiency (39.5+50.5)% 79.9%
26 Inlet air temperature 45°C
27 Inter-cooled temperature 50°C
28 Extraneous water inlet temperature 32°C
29 Air Flow FSP 2.15 m3/s(100% Load)
30 Exhaust Gas Flow FSP 5.0 m3/s(100% Load)
3.2 m3/s(80% Load)
31 Max. Machine own circulating pump flow 65 m3/h (Equivalently to the min. Demand to extraneous water)
60 m3/h
33 The whole system flow resistance coefficient 0.5 Mbar/(m3/h)2
34 Expansion tank capacity 203 L
35 Max capacity of Oil Sump(Min. Capacity) 180(90) L


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