1MW-3MW large power natural gas generator

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NGM 165 Serial Natural Gas Genset have been widely used in Chinese oil field and the CNOOC platform.

As the world famous power corporation, NIGM (North International General Machinery Holdings Limited), taking the lead in bringing in MTU high power Dual Fuel engine and generator set,and also successfully proceeded the localization upgrades and modification.According to the Chinese policy of gasifying the Yangtze River and planning for coastal, our company design and present a set of modify plan for various brand of diesel engines,and now we are the authority of Chinese Dual Fuel Engine and the modification.

NIGM-165S Series Dual Fuel Engine is originally of 396 series military engine of the Germany MTU company, and it develops on the basis of GTI Dual Fuel System of America Altronic Co.The global fuel alternative rate in theory is from 50% to 70%, and our products could reach to 65.4%-69% for different kinds of fuel.Our exhaust smoke reduces more than 70%.Single engine could save 324,6048RMB fuel cost, and it is the more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low cost original power engine.Besides, it fully realizes 0 second switch for high speed engine smooth running when instant gas cut off.

Our products have been widely used in Chinese oil field and the CNOOC platform.

Rated Power(kW) 1360

Rated speed(r/min)1500

No of Cyl. /Type: 16 /V Type 90 °

Bore(mm) 165, Stroke(mm)185

Single cylinder displacement (L)3.96

Total displacement(L)63.96

Compression ratio 15.5:1

Turbo front temperature exhaust(°C)<630

Direction of rotation(face to main power output end) anticlockwise

Smoke emission (Diesel oil working/dual duel working)<1.2 / 0.5SZ(Bosch unit)

Total heat comsumption(kW)995~1150

Extraction flow(m3 /s)4.8~5.4

Engine heat radiation and heat convection (kW) 45

Cooling water system sea water pump rated flow 60m3/h

Gradient(general relative to horizontal line) Heel±15 °,Trim±5°

Weight(kg) 6400

Dimension(Length×wideth×height)3320×1540×1970 mm

Diesel oil mode consumption(g/kW.h)<210

Fuel consumption(g/kW.h)<2

Dual fuel mode consumption(g/kW.h)<81

Gas consumption(m3 /h)>245

Replacement rate (%)≥65